Protruding ears are one of the most frequest aesthetic blemishes, and a popular reason for otoplasty.

It's a minor malformation, in whic the ear forms an angle with the head 30° or more.

An otoplasty allows for the remodeling and the repositioning of the ear, and can correct an array of defects, including excessively large or small lobes. Otoplasty can also be performed as reconstructive surgery, in the presence of wounds or amputantions.

The procedure is quick and noninvasive: the required incisions heal up to the point of near invisibility, and the surgery takes place under local anesthesia. Pain is minimal, and the required bandage ca be removed after a couple of days.

Otoplasty is perhaps the only type of plastic surgery that is routinely performed on scholl-age children. Acting early on can reduce the psychological issue that can arise from peer pressure and bullying. Children easily submit to this painless procedure, and can resume regular school activity after a week or less.




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