Facial feminization

Procedures are available that can modify the conformation of the face, and correct defects in the bone structure, be tehy naturally occurring or due to trauma. It's through maxillofacial aesthetic surgery, that a new harmony between the different components of the facial structure can be achieved.

This kind of surgical procedure is often requested by those seeking to transition, who need their faces to be feminized, so as to better reflect their true identity. Male and female faces display a number of structural differences; yet, by working on the underlying bone structure, we can modify such structure, and achieve a more  feminine look. Experience shows tha merely working on  soft tissuees, such as skin and fatty layers, rarely achieves the same high-quality results, especially in the long run. 


Note: Lateral double dome fractures with a central wing graft reduction. 

Chin and cheekbone surgery is particularly effective in achieving a gentler, softer look for the overall face. An adequate pre-surgery phase is necessary, so that the surgeon can discuss with the patient the face's structure upon which the surgery will be performed, and forecast the degree of change which can be realistically attained.

These procedures are usually performed along with an appropriate hormonal therapy, and can be followed up by further feminization by way of nose, lips, and hair surgery; as well as the implanting of chin prostheses, and the removal of Adam's apple, if still present.

Note: front and temporal lifting. Otoplasty, refining of the frontal bulges. Nose tip and chin prosthesis. 

Another example of facial feminization

Another example of facial feminization

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