Gluteal augmentation

The central part of our body is the one that suffers the effects of gravity the most which often manifest as the giving in of belly, sides, and buttocks tissue. The latter surely are one of the hallmarks of a feminine body: a "b side" with no substance and proportion can cause discomfort, and be a drag on one's emotional life. Glueteoplasty can remodel this part of the body, returning it to harmony and aesthetic equilibrium; through buttocks augmentation, flabby area are filled, and the patient can finally rediscover the feeling of a satisfactory self-image.

Two techniques are available, each appropriate to different circumstances: gluteoplasty with lipofilling, less invasive, or a more traditional prosthesis. While this procedure is often requested by women, it can also be undergone by those men who wish to have more toned, better defined "b side".

Lipofilling is a recently developed, yet extremely effective strategy, in which fat tissue removed from a different body area is washed, purified, enriched with stem cells, and the placed in the buttocks area. This leads no only to a volume increase, but also an improvement of the area's skin. Where lipofillin cannot be performed, due to lack of appropriate tissues or other factors, a prosthesis must be used. Through a few small incision in the skin, gel prosthesese are inserted between the muscle and the skin.

A gluteoplasty procedure is relatively simple, and can be performed as day surgery with a light sedation and local anesthesia; thanks to the position of the area, scars are usually small and little visible.

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