Intimacy surgery

Intimacy surgery is a novel expression of aesthetic surgery, imported from the US but slowly taking hold in Italy as well; as the name suggests, it operates on female genitalia, wherever anatomical, functional, and aesthetic defects impact the patient's intimacy and perception of self the most.
Vaginal labioplasty, for example, aims at remodeling the small labia, shold they be too large or stretched by time. These kind of defects coul heavily impact couple life, and it becomes paramount to intervene with procedures as noninvasive as possible. Corrective surgery is performed in local anesthesia, and sexual activity can ben resumed after just three weeks.

A more invasive procedure is vaginoplasty, which aims at reinforcing and remodeling the vaginal muscles should the lack tone and elasticity. This surgery's final outcome is not only a more pleasing look, but also an increase in sexual pleasure.
More and more requested is also anal bleaching, a short 15 min procedure which brightens the color of the skin around the anus. This procedure is suggested when the excessively dark pigmentation becomes aestheticallly unpleasing, especially when wearing swimsuits and revealing underwear.
When a woman decides to undergo aesthetic surgery on her sexual organs, she is doing more than testifying the crumbling of worn-out taboos; she is taking control of her own body and her own sexuality, regaining control over her self-image and her self-image and her place within couple life.
Taking into account the diffcult nature of the procedure, both on a physical and a mental level, it's necessary to rely only on professionals of proven skill.


Example of labioplasty


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