Liposuction, also know as liposculpting, is one of the most popular surgical procedures as it can easily correct most imperfections caused by excess fat weighing down the body's contours.
The, shall we say, revolutionary reach of this procedure is that the removed fatty cells, once suctioned out, can no longer reform..
Let's see how.

Liposuction of the neck with mandible re-countouring

Neck lipsuction

Neck liposuction with lifting

We could say that the arrangement of fatty tissue in the body is tied to genetics: we are born with the DNA info that determines where fat cells will be distributed, and in which amount. Diets and exercise modify our weight not because fat cells disappear, but merely because they change in volume. We can see, therefore, that only by suctioning the cells out of the body, the weight change can be considered permanent.

Liposuction can be performed on a great variety of areas: thighs, buttocks, lower back, but also calves, ankles, arms, and even some areas of the face, such as under the chin.

It's a procedure that can be performed on both men and women: the ideal patient is only slightly overweight with localized fatty tissue deposits, since only up to the 2000-30000 cc of tissue can actually be removed in a single procedure.

Inner thigh liposuction

Total body liposuction

Throcanteric liposuction

A liposuction is performed by inserting through two small incisions a narrow metal cannula, only a few mm thick; linked to a pump, the cannula sucks out of the body the target fatty deoposits. During recovery, a containing bandage must be worn, in order to prevent potential bleeding, and the skin from sagging.

Throcanteric liposuction with buttocks remodeling

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