Lips surgery

One's lips are a means of self-expression and seduction, and an essential feature of feminine beauty. Recent years have witnessed a change of tendency, and now the trend is towards more natural looking, less inflated lips.

Labioplasty defines the many surgical solutions that can be adopted to redefine and improve the contorour and plumpness of the lips, in the context of the quest for beauty that characterizes cutting-edge aesthetic surgery. Among the most often used techniques: filler injections, ialuronic acide, self-transplant of fatty cells, lipofilling; and surgical modifications when the reshaping need to be more radica.

Labioplasty procedures are performed under local anesthesia, and do not require recovery. A week is more than sufficient to fully resume all activities, since by then the swelling and bruises should have entirely disappeared.

The rationale behin referring exclusively to professional surgeons, of recognized experience in the field, finds its bases in the need to preserve one's own health, as even the smallest procedure can lead to trouble if performed incorrectly. 


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