No more cellulite

avatarI never imagined I would be so satisfied with the outcome of my buttocks surgery. I had so much cellulite, extra skin and flabby tissues I had lost all confidence. Then, following my husband’s suggetion, I paid dr. Agostino a visit. I expected nothing more than a slight improvement, I never expected my backside to look 20 years younger! Now I can wear leggings and short skirts with no problem. Following mandatory tests, I went on the operating table and was out before the evening. I entered the Clinic obese and out of shape, I came out with a body I couldn’t boast event 20 years ago. When the doctor told me to get ready my old high school clothes I thought he was kidding. But it wasn’t just encouragemnete, it was a dream about to become a reality! Tell us  about your experience



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