Surgery center

"More than beauty in itself,
I'm interested in redefining it and translating it into seduction."

Surgery center

Day surgery

Day Surgery
Every procedure dott. Agoslino will suggest can be performed in Day Surgery, a contemporary outlook that focuses on less invasive, yet just as effective medical practises.
The clinic
The aesthetic surgery clinic welcomes its patients into a warm, refined environment, where they will be followed through every step with utmost care and professionalism.
24h assistance
A modern hospital with emergency room is located a short distance from the clinic, in the case of unforeseen and unavoidable emergencies. Patients from outside Modena are provided with a shuttle to and from an affiliated b&b, along with a personal nurse referent who will ensure the patient's safety and well being throughout the procedure and recovery.


The inevitable prologue the patient's well earned regain of serenity and self-image satisfaction is a surgical procedure, which cannot be underestimated: especially considering that its outcome, while strongly desided and pursued, is permanent, and error is not contemplated.

Which is why it's imperative to seek the expertise of professionals, whose main goal is the well being of the patient, and who are prepared to lead them through every single phase of the event - from the right choice of surgical procedure, to the post - surgery recovery process.

None of this would be possible without patnership with every single expert within our clinic: it's their professionalism that ensures our daily success, and the satisfaction of our clients. Their competencies and compassion allow them to closely follow every single patient in time of need.

Dott. Agostino performs the surgery and gives shape to his patients' dreams, but it's his highly qualified staff that takes over their every need with patience and understanding. The doctor's staff always keeps in mind that the patient's physical transformation is always accompanied by new emotional needs that must be taken account.