Zygomatic lifting

A zygomatic lifting was the best idea I ever had. I gained looks, and my face became more feminine. At least, this has been my experience. When I met dott. Agostino , I wasn’t sure which procedure I should undergo. I was dissatisfied with my features, as I thought they lacked character. I didn’t know what to do, so I trusted dott. Agostino. After some inspection, he suggested a zygomatic lifting would be enough to enhance my features. I saw my face morph on the computer screen and the outlook was positive, so I swiftly agreed. After all, I knew from the very beginning  that Clinica 241 was staffed with professionals who leave nothing to chance. Everything worked out fine and now, when I look in the mirror, my only regret is: why didin’t I do this earlier? After all, it only took a few hours and bandages! Tell us about your experience



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