Chin and Lips Fillers

Hello, yesterday I went to Professor Agostino … great doctor !!! he told me that the top thing to do would be lifting with BICHAT removal, lower blephar and nano fat forehead and sides. For now I do not feel like it and he as a transient remedy made me slip to remove wrinkles on the sides of my chin and contour of the chin and filler lips … I’m happy because I have no swollen but defined face and also the mouth is well done he explained everything to me with calm professionalism … Continue reading


avatar2I underwent a rhinoplasty procedure at Clinica 241 this September. My only aim was to have a  smaller nose, as I wasn’t satisfied with mine. As soon as I entered the clinic I took heart, as I became aware of dott.Agostino’s fame and the number of satisfied clients he can boast. Regardless, my experience in his clinic has been excellent from every point of view. I received every possible care, and the delicate rhinoplasty procedure went by flawlessly. Every precaution was taken, before, during, and afterwards; the end result turned out exceptional, and recovery was even shorter than expected.  Continue reading


My heartfelt thanks to dott. Agostino and his team for giving me the new body I desired so much. All I had to do was pick the procedure. Thanks the staff and the doctor’s professional and reassuring attitude, the procedure went flawlessly, and only lasted a few hours. I didn’t have the slightest sense of fear. The results were incredible too, I cried of joy for hours while looking in the mirror. I never would have though my buttocks would look this good!  Continue reading

Zygomatic lifting

A zygomatic lifting was the best idea I ever had. I gained looks, and my face became more feminine. At least, this has been my experience. When I met dott. Agostino , I wasn’t sure which procedure I should undergo. I was dissatisfied with my features, as I thought they lacked character. I didn’t know what to do, so I trusted dott. Agostino. After some inspection, he suggested a zygomatic lifting would be enough to enhance my features. I saw my face morph on the computer screen and the outlook was positive, so I swiftly agreed. After all, I knew from the very beginning  that Clinica 241 was staffed with professionals who leave nothing to chance. Continue reading

Abdominal surgery

avatar Only a few months ago I underwent an abdominal plastic surgery at dott. Agostino’s clinic, and I am more than satisfied with my experience! I endured a flabby gut for years, I couldn’t dress comfortably and diets and exercises did no good. I had almost given up, when I heard of Clinica 241 in Modena, and the abdominal surgery performed there. I asked for more inormation, and it was my saving grace! Dott. Agostino promised a slender abdomen with just a few hours  of surgery, and he delivered. Following mandatory exams, I underwent the procedure in day surgery. Just a few more days of recovery, and I had finally achieved the body shape I craved for so long. It’s like a dream, except it’s real!   Continue reading

Breast surgery

I desired for years to finally undergo breast surgery. Having a B cup, I barely felt like a woman. However, aside for some casual info seeking with Clinica 241, I never dared to take the final step. Then my sister in law went there, and I could see firsthand dott. Agostino’s masterwork. I envied her new, full breast! So I finally signed up, and it was the best decision of my life. The procedure took place in day care: the staff was wonderful, I immediately felt at ease, and the whole procedure was short and painless. Shortly afterwards, I could boast the best cleavage in the neighborhood. It was totally worth the ticket! Now I feel more womanly than ever before, and my breast looks natural to boot! Continue reading

No more cellulite

avatarI never imagined I would be so satisfied with the outcome of my buttocks surgery. I had so much cellulite, extra skin and flabby tissues I had lost all confidence. Then, following my husband’s suggetion, I paid dr. Agostino a visit. I expected nothing more than a slight improvement, I never expected my backside to look 20 years younger! Now I can wear leggings and short skirts with no problem. Following mandatory tests, I went on the operating table and was out before the evening. I entered the Clinic obese and out of shape, I came out with a body I couldn’t boast event 20 years ago. When the doctor told me to get ready my old high school clothes I thought he was kidding. But it wasn’t just encouragemnete, it was a dream about to become a reality! Continue reading